The Lefty Directory

Saturday, July 30, 2005


With today's update to the blogroll the Lefty Directory now lists over 800 left-leaning bloggers!

When I started blogging in November of 2001 I was aware of about 5 lefty bloggers: Oliver Willis, Matt Welch, Ken Layne, Tony Adragna (of the dormant Quasipundit), and yes, the evil Mickey Kaus.

The Lefty explosion began in the Spring of '02, and I set up this site as a response to the many requests I was getting for links at my main blog. Tomorrow the LD will be 3 years old, and I'd like to thank everyone who has submitted sites and linked back here over the years.

The Lefty blogosphere is, of course, far more extensive than our humble list here. It is just impossible for one lonely blogger to keep up with all the new kids. These days I barely have time to keep my own political blog going, so I will continue to rely on you for submissions and reciprocal links to keep this site relevant.

Please leave comments below with links to your new Lefty blogs, and also e-mail the url to me at for inclusion in the next update.