The Lefty Directory

Friday, January 07, 2005

71 New Lefties

A long-overdue update to the roll has added 71 new Lefty blogs to the directory. There are also three new sites on the Hot List that are well worth a visit.

The blogosphere has grown at such an exponential rate that this site is clearly no longer a comprehensive listing of Lefty Bloggers. It is, I believe, still a good place to start, and I continue to get email feedback from readers who have begun their exploration of the Left Blogosphere here at the LD. A reminder: the blogroll is roughly listed in reverse order based on the age of the blogs. The new kids are at the bottom.

I've updated some links for changed URLs, but have not had a chance to purge dead links or dormant blogs. Should you stumble across a dead site, please drop me a note so I can clean the place up a bit.

Please feel free to add your site in the comments below, but remember to send an email to me if you desire a place in the next update.

Please also consider linking back to the LD. It is not required, but this only works if people can find us, and most of the sites listed here do not link back. It is increasingly difficult for new bloggers to break in to the game, and the LD is the one place where almost anyone can get a link and a bit of attention. So give the LD a bit of linky love, and if you discover a new hot blogger here please let your readers know where you found them. Thanks!