The Lefty Directory

Monday, June 02, 2003

The Lefty Juggernaut

Today's blogroll update brings 54 new Lefties to the Directory! Last month's update was, I believe, around 80 new blogs. If my count is correct, the total blogroll is now at 346, and I know there are a lot more out there that I haven't yet discovered or received submissions for. Given that this form was dominated for most of the first year after 9/11 by conservos and libertarians, this is a remarkable trend.

When I first put this site up, there was talk of a better way to organize the roll, but with such a large number of blogs I think the chronological is ending up the best way after all. At least you can hunt for the newest kids at the bottom of the roll and check out the old timers at the top.

Let me take this chance to ask everyone who is linked here to link back to the LD. And don't forget to come back frequently for fishing expeditions in the now deep waters of the blogroll. There's lots of great stuff in there!