The Lefty Directory

Thursday, August 01, 2002

Who's Left?

It has been less that 24 hours since the directory went up, and I've already been deluged with e-mail suggesting more sites! I'll get through all of them as quickly as I can, but it may take a few days so please be patient. Thanks to all who have responded.

So far, I am surprised that nobody has asked to be removed. As I mentioned in the first post below, my definition of Lefty is a broad one. I'm sure that there are some centrists who wonder why they are on the list, and a few wingers who may not like sharing the Lefty designation with bloggers like Mickey Kaus and Welch & Layne. This is the reason that I chose the term "Lefty" as opposed to "Leftist", and I think there is little doubt that the right-wing warbloggers would consider everyone on this list as "Lefties".

My main purpose here is to provide a directory to voices that offer different ideas than those found in the vast majority of conservative and libertarian warblogs. To this end, I feel that a diversity of ideology in this directory is an advantage.

Some have written to suggest better ways to list the blogs, and I'd welcome more input on this topic. I feel instinctively that sub-categories is a bad idea, and perhaps alphabetical with one or two descriptive parenthetical terms may be the way to go. As the number of blogs in the directory grows, this may become necessary.