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Sunday, July 18, 2004

Post A Link

Since updates to the blogroll are rather infrequent due to my limited time for reading and adding new sites. I'll keep a post up where new bloggers can announce their sites and post links in the comments. Obviously, I take no responsibility for the content of links posted here, and will not be editing them with any frequency. Please keep your announcement brief, and only link to a blog if it fits into the broad range of "not conservative/not libertarian" sites. The initial point of this site was to promote any blogger who was not part of the dominant Conservative/Libertarian blogosphere, so the range is intended to be quite expansive. Explore these links if you dare.

Please note that to be included in the blogroll will still require an e-mail to the editor at havona2 (at) hotmail (dot) com. Please submit with the subject line "Lefty Blog".

I've reformatted the blogroll somewhat. There is now a "Hot List" to the left to point you to a handful of great new Lefty blogs. I take submissions for the Hot List from a small group of top Lefty bloggers, and do not pick them myself, so please don't e-mail requests to be added. In addition, there is a list of "Essential" Lefty bloggers for those who are new to the blog world. Get to know them and learn what they do to be so prominent in the game.
There are also some new categories for blogs that specialize in certain areas. Take some time to explore these hard working bloggers,  and look for blogs to be added, with some new categories as needed, in the future.
This directory has grown far beyond what I imagined for it when I started it at the beginning of the Lefty surge back in April of '02. Hopefully, these changes will make it more useful for everyone.
Comments have been added, as well, and we'll see if they can remain civil and spam-free.

Look for more new content in the future, including more Lefty Interview posts by a major Lefty blogger.

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Kerry/Edwards '04!

Links and the text of Kerry's e-mail to supporters at AintNoBadDude.